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Cumulative Output
  • 7039 families - that’s 40 thousand inhabitants - have been benefited directly by the PHC projects and programs.
  • PHC has succeeded in contributing approximately $168,600,000 in direct investments in the housing sector.
  • 6,987 apartments and houses in Palestine have been built. Including 2,078 apartments in Jerusalem.
  • 311 houses have been rehabilitated including 78 houses and compounds in the old city of Jerusalem.
  • Provided About 1,976 families of the poor and marginalized families and special needs with small grants to help them rehabilitate their houses.
  • PHC has provided more than 2.5 million working days for Palestinians.
  • 1,400 inhabitants have been benefited by the loans’ installments’ revolving for more than $28,000,000.
  • PHC has activated a number of institutions in Jerusalem by increasing their capacity through enhancing the buildings’ conditions.

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