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Projects and programs of PHC are a community-based and oriented. PHC has local and international partners. The local partners such as Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), Local Authorities (LA), and Community- based Organizations (CBO) and social workers, In addition to some Palestinian universities and research centers usually support PHC technically by nominating beneficiaries, providing data or participating in the local selection committees. Universities and research centers help PHC in preparing required studies of proposed projects and planning of others. While the international donors and agencies support PHC financially. The main partners for PHC are:
  1. Islamic Development Bank.
  2. UN-Habitat
  3. Bayet Mal Al Quds Agency.
  4. Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development
  5. An-Najah National University
  6. Urban & Regional Planning Center.
  7. Ministry of Local Government.
  8. Higher Planning Council.
  9. Ministry of public works &housing


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