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Conditions of benefits
Conditions of benefit from PHC‘s projects and programs.
·         General conditions of benefit from housing units or credit‘s program:
1.      The beneficiary and his family must be a permanent resident of the Palestinian districts including Jerusalem.
2.      He, or his wife or any of the juvenile children should not be owners of residence.
3.      He should be financially incapable of building his own house, that is, his income should be low or limited.
4.      He should be capable of paying back the loan or the value of the housing unit.
He or his wife or any of his juvenile children should not have made use of another previous loan from another party
·         Special conditions of benefit to obtain a housing loan from PHC to use in the city of Jerusalem
1.   The structure intended to be built or finished should be licensed from the Jerusalem City Council and the license should be valid. The license validity should not only be restricted to the period of obtaining the finishing loan
2.   The applicant must be the owner of the land on which the intended or existing structure is located for which he intends to obtain a loan
3.   Should not have obtained a loan for the same structure from another party
4.   The apartment should not exceed an area of more than 120 squ           are meters
5.   The applicant must furnish all the guarantees which PHC requires from him and he should be capable of paying back the loan
6.   The applicant must be of limited income
Special conditions required by special projects:
These conditions are determined by the following:
1.      The project‘s objectives
2.      The party or the targeted group by the project
3.    The region where the project will be implemented


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