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  • To explore practical ways that will enable it to resolve the housing problem in Palestine. 
  • To identify appropriate mechanisms to meet the basic housing needs of the Palestinian community.
  • To minimize the housing crisis among low and middle income families by providing them with long term soft loans and low cost housing units.
  • To contribute to the lessening of poverty among Palestinian families through improving their housing environment.
  • To participate along with national and international organizations in the formulation of a national Palestinian housing strategy.
  • To develop sustainable housing programs and policies along with line agencies in Palestine.
  • To improve the construction industry by utilizing the most modern technical methods and quality standards, and introducing new building techniques and modern planning.
  • To support housing and construction efforts in Jerusalem at all levels, including the restoration of residences.
  • To activate the building materials trading and job creation.
  • To preserve the architectural heritage in Palestine.


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