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Main Achievements
  • PHC has played a prominent role in improving the housing conditions of the target groups by providing opportunities through moving them to new housing or by rehabilitating existing housing.
  • PHC reduced the density of the population within the resident relative to its space and provide a suitable environment for raising children.
  • PHC reduced the cost of construction incurred by families with low incomes.
  • PHC reduced the migration of rural areas inhabitants by supporting them to have their own habitations in their own towns and villages
  • PHC has contributed to reducing the difficulties encountered by people with special needs relating to movement inside the home or in their own schools.
  • PHC programs contributed to preserving the cultural features of the Holy City and preventing the inhabitants of the Old City from moving out of the city walls.
  • PHC helps inhabitants to benefit from the available building permits and stimulating them for getting new ones to protect land confiscation.