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Restoration of Houses and Courtyards of the Old City in Jerusalem

In 2002, PHC started the restoration process in contributing to address the occupation settlement policy and its Judaization within the walls of the old city of Jerusalem, and to preserve the architectural and urban integrity of the Holy City, as well as to protect it against the risk of collapse in order to ensure its continuation for many years to come, in addition to the resilience of its people, and to increase the chances of their survival, and not to flee out of the city.

A comprehensive restoration of 754 houses and courtyards of the old premises in the city has been made with a budget of $7.4 million, which was carried out in a highly professional manner, paying attention to the smallest detail of the building architecture. Taking into account the best feasible alternatives to provide a healthy and safe environment within these housings, and to determine the most appropriate ways to use its neglected spaces thereby further reducing the housing crisis.