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About PHC

The Palestinian Housing Council (PHC) was established in Jerusalem in 1991 as a non-profit foundation. The PHC aims at the development of the housing sector and contributes to solving the housing crisis that has been exacerbated by the dire economic and political situation in the Palestinian territories. The PHC was able to recruit more than ($250) million to contribute to solving habitations problems in Palestine and from which 11 thousand  Palestinian families, more than 3 thousand families from Jerusalem, benefited through the council’s various programs and projects. The PHC contributed to the preparation of plans, strategies and studies in the area of housing in order to solve the housing mounted problem owing to the unsettled political conditions.  

PHC was awarded the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award 2007 in recognition of its exceptional efforts in helping to provide homes, employment prospects, and bringing hope to countless Palestinian families. PHC also received Dubai International Award for best practices in improving living conditions and knowledge transfer for 2008.