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  • To study the reality and needs of housing and to select the most appropriate mechanisms to meet those needs.
  • To relieve the housing shortage experienced by low-income families.
  • To provide soft and long term housing loans for targeted groups.
  • To improve the housing environment of poor and marginalized groups and people with special needs.
  • To cooperate with international and local institutions to work on developing the housing sector and preparing a national strategy for the sector.
  • To develop sustainable and comprehensive housing programs and develop special policies in cooperation with Palestinian institutions.
  • To contribute to the activation of trade in construction materials and create employment opportunities for Palestinian workers along with improving the construction industry using modern construction techniques and modern planning.
  • To support the housing issue at various levels in Jerusalem city.
  • To operate within modern construction and planning techniques without compromising the religious and cultural character.
  • To make the situation of the housing sector known to the world countries and the institutions concerned within Palestine and urged them to provide support and assistance to solve the problems that they suffer.